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The winter semester has started

Around 850 students begin their studies at Reutlingen University

Image: Prof. Dr. Dirk Schieborn welcomes students of International Industrial Engineering Operations (IWI) and Industrial Engineering Sustainable Productions and Business to Plant 150.


"Dear students, I welcome you warmly to Reutlingen University and at the same time thank you for placing your trust in us for the future." With these words, University President Prof. Dr. Hendrik Brumme welcomed the new students to the campus in a video message on Tuesday.


Some 850 first-semester students are starting a new and exciting phase of their lives this winter semester. They were heartily welcomed at the Schools of Applied Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering and TEXOVERSUM Faculty of Textiles. ESB Business School, by tradition, started its teaching two weeks earlier and welcomed the first students from all over the world back in September. Prof. Dr. Arjan Kozica, Vice-President of Academic Affairs, emphasised in his first semester welcome: "You have an exciting time ahead of you. A time with many new impressions, during which you will get to know many people. We offer numerous support services to help you get your bearings and network well with other students. Then studying will be fun right from the start."


"It is nice that the lecture hall is full again and that we can teach in person again," said a pleased Prof. Dr. Dominic Wader, Dean of Studies of the International Business Development (IBD) and International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation (IACT) programmes. About 50 students have opted for these two Master's programmes. Wader emphasised the values of respect, trust and commitment in addition to the internationality practised and the high level of practical relevance - and invited students to participate in the diverse initiatives of the student network. "Ask yourself the question: where can I contribute to the party, and join in."

"You learn a lot in projects that cannot be taught by theory alone," explained Prof. Dr Volker Reichenberger to 30 students who are now starting the Master of Science Operations Management (MOM) at ESB Business School. “You should take responsibility for a project and learn what that means."

In the 'WING' Bachelor's degree programmes Sustainable Productions and Business (SPB) and International Industrial Engineering Operations (IWI), the deans of studies Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Echelmeyer and Prof. Dr. Dirk Schieborn welcomed around 80 first-year students to Werk 150, the ESB Business School test factory. Here, too, project-oriented work runs through the entire degree programme: "In the first semester, students develop a product idea, which they then implement completely in the following semesters - including CAD, cost accounting and marketing," explained coordinator Frauke Greiner. Solar-powered bollards, fitness trackers, water bubblers and many more have already been brought close to series production in this way.

"As a graduate of a WING programme at ESB Business School, you will always get a job - usually well paid," noted Prof. Dr. Echelmeyer. Prof. Dr. Schieborn called for the enthusiasm for studying industrial engineering to be passed on to pupils and high school graduates in the following years.

The following day, the Dean of Studies, Prof. Dr. techn. Daniel Palm and programme coordinator Jörg Bauer welcomed the Digital Industrial Management and Engineering (DIME) students from Germany and from the partner university Stellenbosch (South Africa).

We wish all our students a good start!