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Semester kicks off at ESB Business-School (I)

BSc International Business Orientation Days

by Alfred Max

The Dean of ESB Business School, Professor Christoph Binder, along with the IB Dean of Studies Professor Michel Charifzadeh, Professor Yoany Beldarrain, the IB team consisting of Iris Walker, Alina Stan, Mareike Reinfandt, Samanta Hatic and Simone Glück and the student organisations (see above) IB Vision and StuCo welcomed some 85 students in the BSc International Business (IB) programme to Reutlingen University campus on Wednesday. The new students come from all over Germany and all over the world. 

"Find your own way - be curious, take an active part in the diverse student initiatives, form networks, make friends and enjoy your time studying," Professor Binder stressed. ESB Business School offers an excellent framework for this, as e. g. numerous accreditations prove. Binder - himself a Reutlingen University International Management alumnus - said "We want to offer you a first-class business education and teach you the methods to develop your skills." Binder continued "You are starting out at an interesting but also a very challenging time - there are no ready answers to these challenges - but they have to be found." 

Professor Charifzadeh explained the structure of the programme, specialisation options and the various degrees. Professor Yoany Baldarrain, Head of Languages, informed the students about the Business Communication courses and the required second business language. Afterwards, the student groups IB Vision and Student Committee (StuCo) talked about the campus and their activities, which promise a great time for students at the ESB campus - for example, going to Davos in the winter or to Maastricht for the 'Royals Cup'. Isabell Lopez says "It's all about networking”; Elena Azevedo and Theresa Pfeiffer also encouraged students to join the ESB Reutlingen Alumni e. V., which helps ESB students open doors to internships and interviews.      

We wish the students a successful start to the winter semester and a great time in Reutlingen!