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Actively shape your future career

MBA Part-Time programme welcomes its 40th class

By Heike Trost

"After my bachelor's degree in mechatronics and electrical engineering, I now want to broaden my horizons and qualify for management tasks," says Jonas Leisentritt, summarising his motivation for the MBA International Management Part-Time programme. He has now been working at Robert Bosch GmbH as a development engineer for more than two years. For him and his 14 fellow students, a new chapter in career planning began on 23 September 2022.

The part-time programme at ESB Business School takes two years plus a master's thesis. In addition to strategy topics, aspects such as sustainable business management, marketing, the digitalisation of business processes and models, and of course leadership and employee responsibility play central roles. Four electives for individual tailoring are taken in semesters 2 to 4 - one of which is truly international - the compulsory semester abroad with one of the programme's top-class international partners.

The MBA Part-Time meets the challenge of being a part-time programme that can be studied with almost no time away during the week. "This means that our programme is not a career interrupter. Instead, participants can qualify for new positions in their company during their studies while developing professionally," says Prof. Dr. Johanna Bath, who heads the programme in the winter semester.

Prof. Dr. Dominic Wader, who welcomed the students on behalf of the ESB Board of Directors, defined a clear goal for the group: to attend the graduation ceremony at Reutlingen City Hall in February 2025. "There is some distance ahead of you - but you will be well supported by the MBA Part-Time team," he promised.