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ESB Business School: Truly international

ESB Business School is one of the leading schools of International Business Administration and International Business and Engineering and is one of the five schools at Reutlingen University. More than 40 years ago ESB Business School was one of the first schools in Germany to introduce international double degrees and since then has been a benchmark for the training and education of young managers. Our students come from all over the world to study in Swabia because here they have undreamed-of study and career opportunities.     

Why we are what we are

We are well connected. In close cooperation with our corporate partners our degree programmes are adapted to relevant practical requirements. All our professors have a wealth of practical experience. Many come from abroad and really enjoy teaching and working here. With their mother tongue, their own ideas and suggestions they provide us with impulses for thinking and acting internationally in our daily lives. Our students are very special, too: thus you may see a business engineer from Malaysia sitting in the cafeteria next to a French business student or meeting at one of the many student initiatives. More than 20% of our students are international students and it is this internationality that defines our educational role.

What we do to be the way we are

We don’t stand still. We listen. We make things happen. We compete with the best. We have small learning groups. We send our students abroad! At ESB Business School we have personal contact with our students. Accreditations and continuous top ranking positions attest to the quality of the work we do.

Why we do what we do

Because we train people to go out into the world and inspire companies with their ideas. Because we want our students to assume responsibility even during their studies – for themselves and for others. Because we want to be the most international business school in Germany.