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Training and Research Centre Added Value and Logistics Systems

The Training and Research Centre Added Value and Logistics Systems (WLS) is a central facility of ESB Business School. The professors at the WLS deal with current topics from the following areas in the context of digitisation and Industry 4.0:

  • Added value systems
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Intra logistics
  • Supply chains

We gain new knowledge in theory and practice and provide the students with a scientific education. Together with our partners from science and industry, we work on practical solutions for sustainable added value and their implementation in companies.

Closely cooperating with experts from different departments and disciplines, we are able to utilise existing strengths and achieve and expand synergies in the areas of action. In this way complex research issues can be addressed employing an integrated and interdisciplinary approach. Our goal is to enhance regionalised added value structures in global markets and to align them with the needs of the future.    

In order to enable and facilitate research and the training and support of young researchers, WLS maintains state-of-the-art infrastructure. With the help of a virtual, three-dimensional development environment, generative production processes, modular assembly systems, innovative conveyor technology, collaborative robots and visual assistance systems, answers can be found to scientific and industrial questions.

The core competencies of practice-oriented research at the Training and Research Centre WLS include:

  • System factory 4.0
  • Business models within the context of Industry 4.0
  • Smart products
  • Digital industrial engineering and manufacturing
  • Hybrid working and production systems
  • Smart logistics
  • Data security and transfer
  • High-speed networks

Located within WLS, in addition to research initiatives, there are also many research projects that lead to excellent results as well as internationally recognised publications.