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Reutlingen University is a member of EUA, European University Association.

Business, science and society flourish through new ideas. Therefore, the aim of ESB Business School's research is to focus on entrepreneurial and societal challenges, with relevant, visible and applied results at regional, national and international level. For this we implement public funded projects in project networks, projects commissioned by companies as well as individual projects. 

As part of its research strategy, ESB Business School has identified five key areas of focus in which to bundle research activities. These will be consistently expanded in the coming years through an increase in third-party funded projects and publications as well as increased cooperation with companies. In addition, increased cooperation with national and international scientific institutions should also take place.

Training and Research Centre Added Value and Logistics Systems

From robotics to Industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution) – practice-oriented excellence in training and research.

More on the Training and Research Centre Added Value and Logistics Systems

Digitisation and Management

How digitisation is changing management in enterprises and the role played by management in digital transformation.

More on Digitisation and Management

Organisation, Work & Society

Actively shaping the transformation of knowledge-intensive organisations and work environments.

More on Organisation, Work & Society


The impact of internationalisation on economies and societies, an academic environment and business interactions.

More on Internationalisation

The Future of the Economy and Society

Recognising and coping with the megatrends. 

More on The Future of the Economy and Society


Further research projects at ESB Business School include the Virtual Engineering and Training Centre VETC, the Reutlingen Energy Centre, and Sports Management.