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Lukas Grahl (Finance), Benjamin Seydel (Communications), Carmen Vallejo (President), Valentin Gillet (Vice President)

The Student Office (Stubue) as the executive board of the Association of IPBS Students at ESB is responsible for representing the interests of all the students in the International Management Double Degree (IMX) programme. The board consists of four functions: president, vice-president, finance and communication. Together they represent the IMX students in relation to professors, university committees and the partner universities of the IPBS network.

The most recent updates of the StuBue can also be found on Instagram.

We at the Stubue would like to give the students the opportunity in the time they spend at ESB to get actively involved during and beyond their period of studies. They can do this for example by joining and working with one of the many IMX committees. Together with the heads of the committees for instance we organise life both on and off the campus. Starting in the introductory week, we show the students what everyday university life at ESB is like, organising many events  and providing them with a platform where they can get to know each other, and spreading the legendary ESB Spirit. This we represent jointly at other events such as the WHU Euromasters, a sports event lasting several days in Vallendar, the Bolzano Snowdays, the International Business Weekend with the partner universities of the IPBS association and the IMX Christmas Ball  Our duty as executive board is primarily to act as a support base and to coordinate projects. However, organising events as a team of four would not be possible. Therefore we have the following IMX committees that are managed by our committee heads: sport, culture & charity, IBWE (International Business Weekend), Merchandise and Photo.

Our tasks and activities have changed a little due to corona. Nevertheless, at the beginning of the semester we have set up quite a lot of smaller events in the fresh air as well as our newly introduced buddy system, StuBue fair and charity raffle.