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Moving alone to Germany for my bachelor’s degree was the biggest decision I've ever made. It's also been the most intense, challenging, eye-opening, and awesome experience of my life.

Amanda Takemura, graduate 2020

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What makes the Bachelor International Management Double Degree (IMX) so unique? Find out more in this explanatory video

Movie time: Learn more about the Bachelor of Science International Business by watching this short video.

Andreas Taschner

To get things moving we need good ideas and enthusiasm for what we are doing. The combination of “head and heart” is everywhere at ESB. This encourages and inspires.   

Prof. Dr. Andreas Taschner

ESB Business School, Professor of Accounting and Controlling

Cooperation readiness, profound knowledge and flexibility are the foundation of the programmes. The resulting team spirit and solidarity are of lasting relevance on a private and professional level.

Christine Mareen Rupp

Managing Partner IBM Consulting DACH, graduate International Management Double Degree 1999


Why study European Management Studies in the Master's program? This videospot provides information for prospective students.


More about the study program Digital Industrial Management and Engineering in this videospot. Have fun watching!


Are you aiming for a leading role in international management? This film introduces the Master of Science Global Management and Digital Competencies.

Benefit from our programme MSc International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation: This explanatory video shows you how.


Learn the most important facts about the MSc International Business Development: This video describes the programme. 

As an international student I didn't want to study at just any university in Germany but only at the best one. After my selection intervies at ESB, I knew: this is where I belong.

Michael Makhoul

Student MSc International Business Development

Here I will get ahead. I can actively discuss current business topics at a high level with my fellow students and my lecturers.

Thao Huynh

Student MSc Business and Process Management

What makes the MBA International Management Full-Time so special? This video gives you the most important information on the programme.


Lectures with a practical focus – that’s what makes studying fun. The icing on the cake is provided by a network made up of students, alumni and industry.

Ruben Claros

Student MBA International Management Full-Time

A combination of professional life and top-notch study. Thanks to bilingual classes and contacts with industry I can get off to a flying start internationally. 

Kathrin Gras

Student MBA International Management Part-Time

A personal atmosphere, good class sizes, lectures with a practical orientation and an awesome stay abroad in Mexico had a great impact on my studies.

Ingo Hesse

Consultant, PA Consulting Group, graduate MBA International Management Full-Time

International Business (IB)

  • English language business management Bachelor programme in an international atmosphere (up to 50 % international students)
  • Greatest possible flexibility with regard to course specialisations, semesters abroad, internship semesters and type of degree
  • "Fast-track" option, unique in Germany, leading to a Master’s /MBA degree in only 8 semesters

International Management Double Degree (IMX)

  • X-change: fully integrated double degree programme with worldwide University contacts
  • X-perience: profound intercultural experience through two years of studying and internship at a foreign partner university  
  • X-tend: additional international options offering experience at 2 universities, in 3 countries and in 4 languages

Internationales Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen - Operations

  • Industry-relevant: study at the interface of technology and business studies
  • All-encompassing study concept: from the design phase to optimisation and realisation of production and logistics processes in our own factory (Werk150) on campus
  • International: English lectures, an integrated exchange semester and the possibility of internships abroad

Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen - Sustainable Production and Business (SPB)

  • Industry-relevant: study at the interface of technology and business studies
  • Sustainable: ‘sustainability’ is consistently at the forefront - from the product concept right through to production and business development
  • International: fit for a global work environment through English language courses and a semester abroad

International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation

  • Preparation for a management career in accounting, taxation , finance and controlling
  • International focus
  • Strong academic foundation and highly application-oriented

International Business Development

  • Preparation for a management career in internationally expanding companies (globalisation manager)
  • Transfer of practice-oriented, detailed knowledge to the development of new business ideas
  • Strong academic foundation and highly application-oriented

Global Management and Digital Competencies

  • Preparation for a global management career in an era of digital disruption with strong practice focus
  • Degree programme completely in English
  • Study in two countries (Germany plus France, Ireland, Italy or Canada) with single or double degree

European Management Studies

  • Fully integrated double degree programme (ESB & EM Strasbourg)
  • Studying in three languages and twocountries - with integrated internship periods
  • Acquistion of profound management knowledge for French-German, as well as international trade relations

Operations Management

  • Combination of engineering and management skills
  • Project-oriented master’s programme: learning in real life companies and research projects
  • Focus on production and logistics

Digital Industrial Management and Engineering

  • Unique master’s programme focussing on research topics in “Digitalisation in industry”
  • Double Degrees from Reutlingen and either Stellenbosch (South Africa) or Purdue University, USA
  • Preparation for challenging tasks in industrial research and development or research institutes

Professional Education

  • Job-integrated Master’s programmes in the areas of industry and trade
  • A degree from ESB Business School (examinations for external students)
  • Organised by the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University, the further training institute at Reutlingen University


  • Business competence for non-economists
  • Part-time or full-time
  • Preparation for an executive function in the management and marketing department of an internationally operating company


  • Management competence tailor-made for special target groups
  • Leading to a degree from ESB Business School (examinations for external students)
  • Organised by the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University, the further education institution of Reutlingen University